I can now make the official announcement.

We had heard unofficially that our MLG application for funding for a project in Tonga through the Victoria and Tasmania Synod Lenten Share Appeal was likely to be over $25,000. In fact, we have received $31,831.66 of the total $119,662.89 raised. We’re over the moon.

The project is to supply Kindergarten equipment for the Popua community just outside Tonga’s capital, Nuku’alofa.

In 1982 a 230 kph cyclone hit Tonga. These people were displaced and settled in an area which 31 years later still has no electricity, no running water, no sewerage – and is subject to tidal inundation from time to time.

The hope is that it will give the children in the area a head-start and the incentive to lift themselves.

We had already spent almost $4,000 in advance at the toy sales currently running in Melbourne. And today we arrived home to find an extremely large parcel on our doorstep – a climbing tower made in the US. On line it was available for $990. Even with high delivery costs, it came to us at less than half that price!

It’s very exciting to be able to make a difference in a community which has been in my thoughts for over three decades!

Ann and I can scarcely wait for November when we’ll be in Tonga to unpack the shipping container and reveal all the “goodies” provided by generous donors in the Uniting Church.

Oh! Part of the deal is that the shipper-owned container will be available to the Kinder as well. MLG now purchases and donates the shipper-owned containers to the folk receiving them.

For Popua two will be available to form a temporary building which will include store-room and ablutions block with a sheltered area in between.

We’ve just been offered brand-new toilets and wash-basins. So they may find their way into the container-buildings as well.

God is good! And so are his people!